Our Service to You

I am prepared to do whatever it takes and work as hard as possible to help you through your current legal situation.  If you are currently being investigated, or have already been arrested, please contact me as soon as possible so we can get to work adequately protecting you.  Either way, please don't despair as many times there are avenues of defense or alternatives you might not be aware of.  Once we discuss your case, you will have a good idea of what lies ahead and what defense strategies may be best to pursue.  Obviously, the sooner we can get started working on your case and gathering the evidence we will need, the better. 

My practice focuses on all adult criminal matters, both misdemeanors and felonies, DUI's, Domestic Violence, Fraud, Theft, Crimes of Violence, Restraining Orders, Expungements, Probation Violations, Juvenile Matters and any other type of criminal offense occurring in Orange County.


A one hour consultation is offered to potential clients at no charge.


When hiring a lawyer, you want someone with a proven track record.  You will not find anyone with better credentials and verified experience on both sides of a criminal case.

Life Experience 

Lew is a former Marine Corps Officer, holds 3 college degrees, married 23 years and is also a father.  He understands the challenges in life and devotes himself to helping people get a second chance to get their lives back on track.  He cares deeply about his clients welfare.