Who We Are

When I opened my law practice I decided I wanted to be a solo practitioner.  The main reason being I trusted myself to do the work properly and did not want to wait till the last minute while others completed their tasks.  I believe one of the major advantages I have is that I do all the work myself and therefore I know the case better than anyone else could.  My experience allows me to know both sides potential strategies very well and my case preparation and cross-examination skills are second to none.

I will be the only attorney in my office that you will deal with, I don't have associates doing the work so you will always have a personal relationship with the one person who will be defending you every step of the way.


I also am not a legal mill.  I accept a limited number of cases at any one time so that I can give each client the time and energy they deserve.  If I am your lawyer, you won't second guess your decision and you won't feel like just another case file.  You will know you are valued and your concerns are respected.