Drug Offenses

You can be convicted of a drug offense and sent to jail if you are caught with even a small amount of drugs and/or are a first-time or occasional user. Very often the people who go to jail for drug offenses are those who least deserve to.



In California, you can be charged in two categories for drug possession: simple possession, and possession with intent to sell. Within these categories, offenses involving marijuana are separated from controlled substances. In addition, PCP and methamphetamine fall under their own categories, with possession of the ingredients necessary to manufacture these substances also being a criminal offense.

Possession of ingredients to manufacture PCP or methamphetamine result in the most stringent punishment if convicted: a felony sentence of two, four, or six years in prison. Possession of a controlled substance may result in imprisonment for two to five years, whereas marijuana possession depends on the amount. Less than an ounce usually results in a fine of up to $100, whereas possession of more than one ounce could land you in jail.



If authorities believe you have drugs for the purpose of distributing them via sales or transport, you can be changed for drug distribution and/or trafficking. The key is that the prosecutor must show that the drugs in your possession are not just for personal use, but that you intend to distribute them to others. Drug distribution charges can be brought for controlled substances, marijuana, and chemicals used to make PCP or methamphetamine. Depending on the specific charges and the type of drugs in question, you may be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony, resulting in several years of imprisonment. Factors such as previous convictions, transporting across county lines, and whether the drug-related distribution activities occur within 1,000 feet of schools or playgrounds will affect sentencing.


Defense of Drug Offenses

Don’t let a drug offense ruin your life. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Rosenblum understands exactly how drug charges are pursued and knows where to look for irregularities that other attorneys would miss. If you have been arrested for a drug offense, it doesn’t mean you will go to jail. Mr. Rosenblum will work hard to make sure you are defended with the highest level of skill and benefit from the best possible outcome.