Firm Overview

The Law Office of Lewis R. Rosenblum is a criminal defense practice located in Orange County, CA. Mr. Rosenblum has more than 30 years of experience as an Orange County prosecutor, has won numerous awards including being named one of the Top 20 Lawyers in the State by California Lawyer Magazine, and boasts an outstanding record of wins on both sides of criminal law cases. He is considered one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in the State of California.

As a solo practitioner, Mr. Rosenblum prides himself on personally representing all clients from start to finish, providing personal guidance, compassionate support, and an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of criminal law. Mr. Rosenblum specializes in using his many years of experience as a prosecutor to benefit those who are falsely arrested or improperly charged with crimes they didn’t commit. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Rosenblum possesses a unique skill set that makes him a highly effective criminal defender, as is evidenced by his outstanding win record. His ability to see and take advantage of mistakes made by police and prosecutors is a major benefit to his clients, and his proven track record under pressure means that clients get the best possible outcome in a trial situation.

The Law Office of Lewis R. Rosenblum provides the highest level of personalized legal defense at highly competitive rates. Practice areas include DUI, vehicular manslaughter, drug crimes, expungement, Internet crime, probation violation, sex crimes, sexual assault, theft, violent crime, murder, domestic violence, white-collar crime, credit card fraud, and all juvenile offenses.