When You Receive A Subpoena

Oftentimes people receive a subpoena to appear in court on a specified date and don’t know how they should respond.  The subpoena usually will list the date the trial or hearing is scheduled to begin.  However due to court congestion and conflicting schedules of the parties, most times cases do not start on the date scheduled.  When you receive the subpoena there will usually be a phone number listed on the subpoena for you to call.  I’d suggest you call the number and attempt to place yourself in an “On Call”status.  This means you do not need to appear until the date and time you are asked to appear by the party issuing the subpoena.  If they agree to this procedure it will save you unnecessary trips to the courthouse and the likelihood of sitting around in a hallway for hours.

If the party does not feel you will honor your agreement to come in when requested, they may require you to come to court where a Judge will order you to report back when called by the party to appear.  If you a lawfully served you are required to appear at the designated time of no “On Call” agreement is in place or risk having a warrant issued by the Court citing you for contempt of court.  It is usually the better practice to work with the parties, so that they will work with you as well in order to cause you the least amount of inconvenience.  If you have any questions about this process, feel free to send me an e-mail and I will respond to your inquiry.